Loleta Elementary School

Miss Roseberry
I’m Erin Roseberry and I joined the teaching staff at Loleta School in 2011. My husband and I moved to Loleta in 1994. We have two teenage sons. I’ve been a school teacher for about 20 years. I’ve taught kindergarten through high school and really enjoy the challenge of helping kids succeed at school.  
Here at Loleta, I am the Resource Specialist. That means I assist students who are identified as eligible for an Individualized Education Plan. Students with IEPs have specific individualized goals that are developed to help them learn as much as possible from their time at school. 
I love getting to work with the children of our community. I feel like it is a very important and serious business. I want to inspire every student to work hard at school so that they can have successful futures.  
When I’m not thinking about school stuff, I’m probably sleeping. I also love to travel and read and hang out with my dogs.