Loleta Elementary School

Meet John Sutter, Superintendent/Principal
I grew up in the small, rural community of Shingletown, east of Redding.  My elementary school was called Black Butte Elementary and had about 85 students enrolled at the time I graduated from 8th grade.  I later worked as a night janitor at that very school as I worked my way through Shasta College.  

All of the high school kids from "The Hill" (as Shingletown was known) made the 45 minute bus run to Redding.  We went to Enterprise High School.  I was an average student, although many of my peers had a difficult time.  There were many challenges (as there are now) for rural high school students.  
After high school graduation I enrolled in Shasta Community College and married my high school sweetheart.  We built a log home in Shingletown and both took correspondence courses at Chico State University.   After a number of years both my wife and I graduated from Chico State and then moved to Orick to finish up our student teaching.  The Orick Superintendent offered my wife Brenda a position while she finished student teaching.  This internship was important, otherwise we would have had no income for a year while we both completed our student teaching. 

What was expected to be a one year stint at the coast turned into 22 years.  I stayed on in Orick as a teacher and later became Superintendent.  We moved to Arcata and Brenda started a private school out of hour home that later became a k-12 charter school.  As Orick School's enrollment declined to dangerously low levels, I began applying in Humboldt County for other positions.  I am pleased to have landed in Loleta School District where I am looking forward to making continual improvements for the students, parents and staff.     

On the Smith River with my Grandson Arden
Some Loleta staff members on the Trinity River this Summer
I like doing wood carvings.  This is a salmon I made and donated for a raffle.