Loleta Elementary School

​John Oswald 

​John is our Board Clerk and was Appointed November 
1st, 2013.  His term ends December, 2018        
Meet the Loleta School Board of Trustees 
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​ Roseann Millhorn

Roseann has two children at Loleta School, is a 
volunteer fireman and coaches volleyball. Miss Millhorn was 
appointed in 2017 and her term is through 2020. 
​John Simmons

John is Loleta School's Board President.  He was Elected or
 Appointed in December of 2017 and his term Ends
 December of 2020.        

​Glen Shewry
​Glen is a member and was Appointed June 30th, 2013. 
His term ends December of 2020.  
​Vacant Post 


The minimum qualifications to join the school board are as follows: 

1.  Members must be 18 years of age or older. 
2.   Members must be a citizen of the State of California and a resident of the Loleta Elementary School District.  District boundaries can
     be viewed at: hppt://  
3.  Members must be a registered voter with the County Office of Elections.